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2016-2017 CAL FIRE's State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund (SRAFPF) Grant

Grant Status: Completed

This grant was implemented concurrently not consecutively with the 2015-2016 SRAFPF grant. The total number of dead trees felled and on the ground combined for both grants is 1,836 trees. Read the grant statistics

Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression, Inc. felling crew (Rick Sandidge and Graham Lowe pictured left of grant liaisons) and swamping crew pictured with YWPHI Grant Liaisons, John Mock, Ph.D. and Kimberley O'Neil at the YWPHI annual Memorial Day weekend picnic on May 28, 2017.

Yosemite West has been awarded $180,789 through YWPHI's fiscal sponsor, the Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation & Development Council (Y/S RC&D) in North Fork, by CAL FIRE's State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund (SRAFPF) Grant Program. The award announcement was made December 2, 2016.

Grant Number Total Project Cost Funding Awarded Matching Funds Provided % of Match to Total Project Cost Project Name Project Goals Project Outcomes
16-MMU-2004 $180,789 $180,789 $0 0% Yosemite West Removal of Dead or Dying Tree Project The project goal is to fell 728 dead and dying trees; 600 with grant funds and 128 as a grant match. The project felled 1,277 dead and dying trees; 1,149 with grant funds and 128 as a grant match

Project Background

This project continues to address tree mortality beyond the scope of the 2015-2016 CAL FIRE's State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund (SRAFPF) Grant.

Proposed Action

The proposed project mitigates the hazard of severe tree mortality resulting from four years of unprecedented drought and bark beetle infestations in the remote mountain community of Yosemite West through removal of hazardous trees by felling 728 dead or dying trees.

The project has an 24-month timeline starting February 1, 2017 and finishing February 1, 2019.

See Henness Ridge Tree Mortality Aerial Images Taken 5/29/2017 that shows the ongoing threat.

Project Match

The grant requires 0% match, although it requests volunteer labor that would serve as an in-kind match and estimates that value to be $37,815.

How Do We Sign up?

Participation in this project is free; there is no cost to property owners. Even if you have participated in previous fuel reduction projects, we need you take responsibility for your land and participate again as this project builds upon previous work.

To sign up,

History of 2017 Grant

Date Timeline
September 2016 YWPHI Grant Liaisons inform community about CAL FIRE grant opporunities at Annual Memorial Day Weekend picnic and the membership in attendance votes to submit grant application. YWPHI Grant Liaisons start application process, secure support from its fiscal sponsor, the Yosemite/Sequoia Resource Conservation & Development Council, and and request Letters of Support for the project. YWPHI Grant Liaisons and community volunteers donate their time to conduct a street-view survey of dead trees. YWPHI Grant Liaison submits application by September 28, 2016 submission deadline.
December 2016 CAL FIRE announces the 2016-17 SRAFPF grant awards on December 2, 2016.
January 2017 Signed grant agreement with CAL FIRE and submitted further documentation required by January 31, 2017 due date.
February 2017 On February 1, 2017, CAL FIRE confirmed that the Notice of Exemption (for CEQA) issued on December 20, 2016 is valid for this grant, so no new CEQA process is required. Received signed grant agreement from CAL FIRE on February 14, 2017.
April 2017 Started notifying property owners about grant and used tree marking paint to start identifying dead trees to fell as part of this project.
May 2017 Started on-the-ground work on May 8, 2017.
June 2018 Completed on-the-ground work on June 3, 2018.

FAQs for CAL FIRE's State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund (SRAFPF) Grants


Please email grants@yosemitewest.org with any questions you may have.

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