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Living with Bears

Black bear activity has increased noticeably in Yosemite West during summer and fall 2004. There were reports of about fifteen home break ins (see photos of damage), some causing extensive property damage. Residents have also found bear paw prints on house windows and seen bears trying to rip off moulding around door frames and banging on closed doors. Fortunately, there haven't been any vehicle break ins. In early November 2004, a bear approached a person carrying a bag of garbage to a dumpster and the bear scraped the person's arm. The bears are active during the day as well as at night, although most reports have been of early morning activity (5 to 8 a.m.). Multiple bear sightings are occuring on an almost daily basis.

This acceleration in bear activity is likely due to a big cubbing season in the past two years and this year's dryness, which is causing a late acorn harvest.

People compromise an animal's safety by engaging in behavior that habituates a bear. Moose Mutlow of the NPS Bear Council spoke at the YWPHI annual meeting on September 5, 2004 to discuss ways for decreasing the impact of bears on our community and to suggest what people can do right now.

What You Can Do to Keep Bears Wild

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It is your responsibility to KEEP BEARS WILD.

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