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Excerpts from YWPHI Newsletter, August 2003


Board of Directors Present

Debby Hagan, Sharon Haley, Jeff Hornacek, Kay Pitts, Carol Ruiz and Helen Yates.

New Board Assignments

Carol Misener's resignation was accepted with regrets. Sharon Haley will now be Secretary.


Jeff Hornacek is revising the minutes for the October 5, 2002 Board of Directors meeting. The February 13, 2003 minutes were approved.

Treasurer's and Membership Report

Debby Hagan gave a copy of the Treasury Audit to Helen Yates who will perform next year's audit. Audits will be completed on a January to January basis. Our reserve has been building up over several years and is not about $11,000. The March 2003 newsletter was larger than usual and, in an effort to entice new members, was also sent to those home and property owners who are not YWPHI members.

Committee Reports


Email Harry Hagan with articles for the next newsletter.

Fire Safety

A first draft of the A Fire Safety Ordinance for Yosemite West has been submitted to the County by Harry Hagan. Comments from County Counsel have been received, but a second draft has not yet been prepared. The general thrust of the proposal is to require homeowners and lot owners to reduce fuel load on their property, and consequently to reduce fire risk to Yosemite West. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


The old website is no longer in operation. It was difficult for many people to use, but it was free. Jeff Hornacek suggested that we pay a host server. A new, user friendly website could be used to dispense information and could cut costs of copying and mailing the YWPHI newsletter. A chat room could be used to address issues, questions, suggestions, etc. Community Resident Profiles could be features. Jeff recommends omitting password protection for the site due to the complexity of managing this feature. Jeff will explore the price structure for a host. Kay Pitts moved that Jeff Hornacek research and present a proposal for a host server not to exceed $250 per year. Furthermore, the YWPHI Board of Directors agree to finance a website for a year trial period at a cost of $250 or less. Use and performance of the site will be reviewed at the end of the trial period. Seconded by Helen Yates. Vote was unanimous.

New Business

The Board reached a consensus that evening outdoor lighting has been excessive and is beginning to deteriorate the tranquil rural environment which drew many residents to Yosemite West. Goals of limiting the intensity and glare from artificial lighting will be addressed in the < href="http://www.mariposacounty.org/planning/index.html">Yosemite West Special Plan. Residents have also objected to visitors' car alarms especially when they occur in the early morning hours.


Board of Directors Present

Debby Hagan, Kay Pitts, Carol Ruiz and Helen Yates. Sharon Haley absent. Steve Yates, guest present.


The minutes from the April 5, 2003 YWPHI Board of Directors meeting were approved as amended prior to the meeting. A final version of the minutes from the October 5, 2002 board meeting was not available.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report prepared by Joan Ulyatt shows that YWPHI's bank accounts total $11,613 as of July 12, 2003. Income during the last five months was $400 from membership dues and $11 from interest. Expenditures totaled $594 for the newsletter, bank service charges, and filing fees connected with re-registration as a non-profit organization with the California Secretary of State. The treasurer's report for July 12, 2003 was approved by the entire board.

Membership Report

The membership report shows that there are currently 117 YWPHI members, the same number as last year at the same time.

Fire Safety

Thanks to all who participated in the annual Memorial Day weekend clean-up. In fact, so much flammable debris was collected that the community burn pile is full and is now closed. Those who still have lot clean-up to perform are encouraged to do so, but the piles of debris will need to be covered with a tarp on your property until the burn pile is re-activated this coming winter. Special thanks are owed to the volunteers who drove trucks around our development and transported their neighbors' yard waste to the burn pile. These include Steve Yates, Todd Yates, Neal Misener, Al Ruiz, Mitch Jonasky and Don Pitts. We all appreciate their efforts.


Our website is down and we have no one to set it up again. Kay Pitts was authorized to renew our domain name again this year. We need a volunteer from YWPHI membership to set up/manage a website for the community. Anyone who is interested in helping, or who know a qualified high school student in need of a project, should contact any board member.

Nominations for YWPHI Board

Sharon Haley and Carol Ruiz (Nominating Committee) will be contacting members seeking volunteers to serve on the next YWPHI Board of Directors. Terms last for three years and board members are elected at the annual meeting (August 31, this year). We have three positions to fill; Kay Pitts will be retiring form the board after nine years of continuous service, and two board members have resigned during the course of the year (Carol Misener and Jeff Hornacek). Anyone interested in a position is encouraged to contact Carol or Sharon.

Septic Tanks

A discussion concerning septic tank use in Yosemite West was held. Lots in Yosemite West are too small to legally support septic tank installation; that means that septic tanks are prohibited by law in our development. In addition, perk test requirements for the area surrounding a septic tank are very difficult to meet in our rocky terrain.

Telephone Tree

Work is in progress on revisions to the YWPHI telephone tree to be used for notification in emergencies. Kay Pitts and Helen Yates hope to have it ready for distribution at the August 31 annual meeting.

Annual Meeting

The YWPHI Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, August 31, 2003, with the brunch starting at 10:30 a.m. behind the Clark's home on Henness Circle. Debby will call Ralph Mendershausen to obtain an update on the proposal for a nearby wilderness area which Ralph presented at last year's meeting. Topics for the agenda include approval of last year's minutes, treasurer's report and audit, sewer update, Maintenance District update, Yosemite West planning committee update, fire safety, new telephone tree, election of YWPHI board of directors, and possibly a guest speaker. The hospitality committee will be accepting donations for door prizes and will handle logistical support for the meeting (plates, napkins, etc.). Silver Tip Resort, Fish Camp

The board held a discussion concerning how the proposed Silver Top Resort is opposed by most members of the Fish Camp community, and is inconsistent with the pre-existing Fish Camp Special Plan. The board objects to our County supervisors over-ruling local, long-established plans and believes this sets a bad precedent for other communities in Mariposa County such as ours. It was unanimously agreed to send a letter to the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors voicing our concerns.


YWPHI Opposition and Objections to Silver Tip Project

As directed by the YWPHI Board of Directors, Debby Hagan sent a letter on behalf of YWPHI opposing the proposed Silver Tip Resort in Fish Camp. There are two bases for the opposition:

Copies of the letter can be obtained from Debby Hagan or any of the other YWPHI board members.


The Yosemite West Planning Advisory Committee (YWPAC) is continuing efforts to develop a Special Plan for Yosemite West. The Special Plan deals with localized zoning issues that are specific to small communities such as Yosemite West. The committee will ultimately make recommendations about zoning and land use issues in Yosemite West. Some of the issues which are being addressed include:

The purpose of the September 6, 2003 meeting is to obtain public input on options open to the committee on various zoning and land use issues. A preliminary discussion draft will be available in advance of the meeting.

The committee can make recommendations only - it cannot implement any changes. The committee's recommendations must be approved by the Planning Commission and then by the Board of Supervisors. There will be opportunities for public comment about any recommendations. Comments and suggestions can be directed to any of the YWPAC members, or to the Mariposa County Planning Department.

Anyone wishing periodic updates on the YWPAC progress can asked to be put on the mailing list. Contact Mariposa County Planning Director Eric Toll by email or by telephone at (209) 966-5151.


Sewer Project

By the way of background, financing of the Yosemite West sewer repair project will be provided by a loan from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The loan will result in assessments on all Yosemite West properties. Following approval of the loan by the USDA, construction bids will be solicited in order to obtain a firm cost figure. Then, further approval by vote of Yosemite West residents will be required.

All vacant los, and all three-bedroom, two-bath homes (or smaller) will get the same assessment. Existing homes larger than three-bedroom, two-bath will pay proportionately more, and the condominium united (which are generally smaller) will pay slightly less. The project is intended to allow full build-out of Yosemite West at the size of three-bedroom, two-bath homes. A more specific update follows:

Financial Report

Carl Casey, financial manager for Public Works presented the preliminary 6/30/2003 fiscal year-end financial report for the Yosemite West Maintenance District.


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