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YWPHI Board of Directors' Meeting - November 9, 2008

The meeting was called to order ay 7 p.m by President Tom Lambert and an agenda was distributed in advance.

Directors Present: Jeff Hornacek, Kelly Rich, Kim O'Neil, Rea Jackman, Tom Lambert
Directors Absent: Jim Andrews, Todd "Kipper" Caranto
Committee Chairs Present: none
Committee Chairs Absent: John Mock, Kay Pitts
Guests: none

I. Minutes

The April 5, 2008 minutes are missing. Jeff Hornacek is unable to find his notes for this meeting and we likely do not have a solution for this.

The August 1, 2008 minutes were updated and edited by Kim O'Neil. The Board voted to approve the minutes. Kim will post them on the web site.

II. Treasurer's Report

Kim O'Neil submitted the 3rd quarter 2008 (7/1/2008 to 9/30/2008) Treasurer's Report.

The Balance Sheet shows total assets of $9,713.36, which included: $342.77 in the checking account; and $9,370.59 in the savings account. The Profit & Loss statement shows a net income of $1812.90: $2,025.00 was total income from membership dues; $1.92 was other income from interest; and $214.02 was total net expenses.

The itemized expenses included:

$10.53 Bank Charges
$34.99 Domain Registration
$66.00 Meals & Entertainment
$61.01 Postage
$36.75 Photocopying
$7.25 Sales Tax
$6.78 Office Supplies

Included in the above expenses are selected expenses by topic:

$79.64 for membership (2008-09 renewal forms, copying, mailing)
$21.41 for newsletter
$69.87 for annual meeting brunch refreshments
$56.36 for miscellaneous operating expenses


YWPHI Vice President Kelly Rich prepared an audit on August 31, 2008, which included a review of the YWPHI financial books through February 29, 2008, the end of the last fiscal year.

2008-09 Membership Report as of 10-31-2008: 96

82 renewing members from 2007-08 members (11 have not yet renewed)
9 renewing members (who had not previously renewed in three or more years)
5 new members (who have never been members before)

Resolved: The annual review of the financial books should be done after the close of the fiscal year (end of February), and before the annual meeting on Labor Day. After February 28, 2009, Tom Lambert will appoint someone to conduct a review for the current fiscal year in accordance with the YWPHI bylaws.

The Treasurer, Kim O'Neil, is currently the sole signer on the bank account and credit card. Tom Lambert commented that YWPHI should have a second person who had access to the funds. We voted to have both the President and the Treasurer be signers on the bank accounts.

III. Committee Reports

A. Fire Safety

November 6, 2008, YWPHI was awarded a $75,655 grant to create community-wide defensible space. This grant is funded by the USDA Forest Service. YWPHI had applied for funding for this project three years in a row. Refer to the Yosemite West Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), Appendix H, Project 1 for details on this project.

B. Website

Kim O'Neil reported that our ISP has been sold twice in the past year and a half. Inreach was bought by Nationwide, which was bought by USA Hosting. Kim spent a lot of time correcting a billing error with our ISP resulting from the business sales. The upshot is that the account is paid through November 30, 2009. The future billing rate for domain hosting is $7.34 per month.

C. Newsletter

Kim O'Neil offered to gather information and draft the November issue, which Tom Lambert will proof early next week.

D. Hospitality

The Holiday Open House will be Saturday, December 27, 2008, starting at 3 p.m. Rea Jackman will call Kay Pitts to inform her of the date and time.

The suggestion was made to have a second, Summer Open House Party!

IV. Old Business

1. Mailboxes

Should YWPHI survey the membership on whether or not we should be involved with constructing new mailboxes? Jeff Hornacek reported that it would cost about $7,500 for a licensed contractor to fully build out the mailboxes: $1,200-$1,600 per cluster of boxes. Tom Lambert will look into hosting a survey online (e.g., using Survey Monkey). The purpose of the survey will to be find out how many folks want a box and how much will they pay. Any cost estimate should be in included in a survey of the membership. Kim O'Neil will compile survey questions by the end of next week (November 14, 2008), and will circulate the questions to the board for comments.

V. New Business

1. Officer Nominations & Approvals

Tom Lambert accepts the role of President. Kelly Rich accepts the role of Vice President. Kelly Rich accepts the role of Secretary and John Mock agrees to be a back-up. Kim O'Neil accepts the role of Treasurer. Welcome Rea Jackman - to both Yosemite West and to the Board.

2. Committee Nominations & Approvals

Jeff Hornacek accepts the Chair of the Nominating Committee. As Chair, Jeff will drum up names to add to the Board in the case of a vacancy. Kay Pitts agrees to continue as the Hospitality Committee. John Mock agrees to continue as Chair of the Fire Safety Committee.

3. Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) & Property Taxes

Tom Lambert raised the question of where the moneys generated by the TOT and property tax go. It does not seem like Yosemite West is getting a fair shake on the money back from the County. Kim O'Neil suggested researching other Special Districts in the State of California for comparison. Tom Lambert and Jeff Hornacek will look into this.

4. Future Board Meetings

The following Board meetings were scheduled: Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 7 p.m., Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 7 p.m., and September 6, 2009 following the YWPHI annual meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kelly Rich
YWPHI Secretary

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