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YWPHI Board of Directors' Meeting - July 17, 2005

The meeting was held on Sunday, July 17, 2005, at the home of Carol Ruiz. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Helen Yates at 10:05 a.m. The agenda, the June 16, 2005 Treasurer's Report, the notice for the Labor Day Picnic and the Annual Meeting, the Webmaster's Report and the draft of the current Newsletter were distributed.

Directors Present

Helen Yates, Carol Ruiz, Kim O'Neil and Grace Bartel

Directors Absent

Debby Hagan and Larry Anstead

The minutes from the April 15, 2005 meeting were approved. The Treasurer's report of June 16, 2005 was also approved. Linda Andrews was welcomed as the new Treasurer.

Committee Reports


It was moved and seconded to send out the current newsletter to all property owners and include the announcement for the Labor Day Picnic and Annual Meeting and the dues renewal notice with a return envelope addressed to Linda Andrews, Treasurer. There was discussion about whether the annual dues should be mailed to the YWPHI mailbox and then forwarded to Linda Andrews or whether they should be sent directly to Linda Andrews. There was a tie vote and so it was decided to address the return envelopes to the treasurer directly and leave the mailbox address in the request as an alternative choice.

Fire Safety

Don Coffman has offered to bring his County fire department and NPS fire training trailer to Yosemite West for a presentation this fall. It was decided that the week-end of September 16, 2005 would be a good time for this event. Harry Hagan will coordinate the exact date and time with Don Coffman in John Mock's absence. There was more discussion regarding the tax issues if and when we receive the grant money for our fire prevention program. Debby Hagan has spoken to Paul Green and we look forward to her report about this conversation at our next meeting.

Website (www.yosemitewest.org)

Kim O'Neil, webmaster, reported that 182 people downloaded the newsletter last month. She also stated that approximately 80% of the members of the homeowner's association have computer access. During Kim's absence any board e-mails that are received will be forwarded to Grace Bartel.


We continue to be in desperate need of new members as there will be only four members continuing next year. Several names were suggested and the nominating committee will continue their efforts to find new members for the Board.


Helen Yates agreed to be in charge of the Christmas Open House again this year, even though she will have retired from the Board. It was suggested that the $5.00 donation for the Open House Attendance be given to the Wawona Library Fund. There was discussion and assignment of responsibility for door prizes and the items provided for by the YWPHI for the annual meeting.

Old Business

Maintenance Committee Update

The next meeting is August 12, 2005.

Yosemite West PAC Update

July 25th will be the last meeting of this committee until Supervisor Stetson re-activates the group.

Mailbox Shed and Info Station

The sign up sheet for volunteers to be responsible for keeping the shed clean for one month at a time has been a success to date.

Memorial Day Clean-up

It was suggested that next year the information sent out should indicate that people have their debris ready for pick-up by 8 a.m. to facilitate the pick up process. It was suggested that it would be very helpful to have the burn pile consolidated before day of the clean-up. The consensus was that the chipper worked very well and that perhaps next year the timing of that service can be adjusted to coordinate with our Memorial Day clean-up.

New Business

Emergency Telephone Tree Update

Helen Yates and Kay Pitts are working on the project and hope to have a presentation ready for the Labor Day Homeowners Meeting.

Next Board Meeting

The Board will meet following the annual meeting September on September 4, 2005.

The meeting was adjourned by Vice President Helen Yates at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Grace Bartel, Secretary

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